Bringing men to the likeness of Christ - Gal. 4:19
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About Us

About Us

We are a branch of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide.Presently, under the leadership of:
Pastor Abraham Akinosun-President
Pastor Samuel Oladele-General Supretendent
Prophet S.K Abiara-General Evangelist
Our Headquarters Church in Canda is in Toronto and our sister congregation is in Winnipeg,MB.
We are a Congregation of Brothers and Sisters with a heart desire to be like Christ and to bring people also into the likeness of Christ.Hence,our God-given vision:
      ...bringing men to the likeness of Christ.Gal.4:19
This we endeavour to do through faithful declaration of the undiluted word of God,Devotional and Prophetic Prayers Sessions as God gives us the grace.


We are mandated to preach the Message of New Life,bringing people to the likeness of Christ.This we pray that you experience as you listen to our teachings.


Worship Venue:Unit 130,2323 32nd Ave.NE Calgary,AB
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